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University of the West of England, Bristol, England

The Chancellor of the University is The Rt Hon Lady Justice Butler-Sloss, DBE.  Dame Elizabeth first practised as barrister specialising in family law before becoming a Registrar and later a High Court Judge.  Dame Elizabeth chaired the Cleveland Child Abuse Inquiry, the outcome of which has had a significant effect on social work practice.  In 1988, Dame Elizabeth became Britain's first woman Lord Justice of Appeal and a Privy Councillor.

The University of the West of England is one of the Britain's largest.  More than 22,000 students follow some 300 degree programmes across a wide range of subjects and disciplines, and there are options for full and part time study.  In such a large communicty of students, you will meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  UWE is particularly pround of its record in equipping students to meet the challenges of today's job market.  The University has an excellent reputation for both teaching and research.  Many of the 1,000-strong academic staff have come to higher education after working in industry and commerce, and this invaluable 'real-life' experience enriches the tuition offered to students.  The University has also forged strong links with industry, and this two-way collaboration ensures that courses are up to date and relevant to the working world.

Where is Bristol is probably your next question.  Do click on the website below to view.
City of Bristol  or go to UWE's website here!

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