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To those who know Oi Shong, she arrived at St.Cloud, Minnesota, USA safely.

My visit to St.James' Brownhill on 1/4/1999 till 5/4/1999.

A big thank you to Revd.Colin Thomas, Joyce Thomas and Sara Thomas for their warm welcome!  I also would like to take the opportunity to thanks everybody in the church for their hospitality.
I experieced a very different way of serving and celebrating Good Friday and Easter Day during my stay.   That was the most wonderful experiences I ever experienced and I appreciated it  very much. Thank you very much! May the blessing of God be with you all forever!!!

Spring Harvest Praise 1999 is available now in most of the local christian book shop, such as Wesley Owen.

If anyone in Bristol or new to Bristol would like to know about churches in Bristol, please email me.  I am currently attending a very small church at Stoke Giffort, near Parkway Station ( Rail Station), name St.Michael's.  St.Michael is been catogorised as a low church.  However, there are a lot more of churches in Bristol that have special services for student, especially international student, such as Christ Church, Clifton; Woodland Church ( by Bristol International Student Centre); Elma Church ( Baptise Church), Tyndale Baptise Church and Bristol Chinese Church (using Tyndale Baptis Church building).  If you have any enquiry, please contact me or Mary Morgan who is the co-ordinator of BISC on <>.

Bristol Trinity College is one of the famous Theological college in Britain.  If you want to know more about this, do email me or contact Mary Morgan as well.

Recently, I paid a visit to John Wesley's Chapel ( The New Room) Broadmead, Bristol.  Before I came to Bristol, a friend of mine told me about this Chapel.  It is allocated in the City Centre. I passed by this Chapel at least 50 times now, but I never take any step to pay a visit of this Chapel until Friday the 14/5/1999.  This Chapel is the first Methodist Chapel in the world.  It was formed in the year 1739.
John Wesley was a priet in the Church of England.  He came to Bristol in 1739 and started preaching to the poor in the open air ( You can still see people preaching in the open air now a day).  Wesley gathered those who responded into religious societies which met in people's homes.  Within weeks their numbers had increased so much that a new meeting place was needed.  He bought a small patch of land and built what he call ' our new room in the Horsefair'.   It was used as a dispensary and schoolroom for the poor as well as meetings and worship.  It is still known today by Methodists as 'the New Room'.

John's brother, Chrles, was also a Church of England priest.  Charles is considered by many to be the world's greatest ever hymnwriter.  Their shared mission was to take their Christian faith to the unchurches and especially to the poor who were often neglected by the Established Church.

For those who are mobile phone lovers, here are some news about mobile phone in UK.  BT Cellnet and Vodafone now released a new Ericsson T18 and T28.  I personally saw the T18, which is 99.99 pounds plus connection and contract.  Battery standby time is up to 100 hours, battery talktime is up to 240 minutes, charging time is 90 minutes, data and SMS compatible. 15 ringtones, vibration alert on, 100 phone memory, Dual Band, 145g weight, personal handsfree and Car Kit available.  Besides Ericsson, Motorola V3688 is also out with price dropped to 299.99 pounds plus connection and contract. - according to my Carphone warehouse guides.

As usual, Nokia steals the day with a phone that drips class.  Nokia 7110 also came out in the UK market with a slider that proctects the keypad.  It's functions are excellent and its lookgs are glamorous. Please visit the website below.

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