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Congratulation to Nickson Chia and Chanel Ting on their marriage!!!
Many Congratulations to Madam Cheah Yen Li for delivering a baby boy on  12/11/2004!  Praise the Lord!
My deepest condolences to Chong Lee Chiun on the demise of her mother on 17/11/2004.
For those of you who have not heard from me for some times, I am currently working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the years, God blessed me tremendously.  He recently blessed me with a small but smart car and also Certificate in Legal Practice.  He also blessed me with a chambering opportunity with a law firm in Kuala Lumpur. I am staying in Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor and attending a Fantastic Christian Church namely Faith Christian Centre located at Sunway, serving as Bassist in Worship Team and Supervisor.  Praise the Lord!!!! 

If anyone in Bristol or new to Bristol would like to know about churches in Bristol, please do email me.  I am currently attending a very small church at Stoke Giffort, near Parkway Station (Rail Station), name St.Michael's.  St.Michael is been catogorised as a low church. It is very healthy in the sense that we have all age groups of people.  However, there are a lot more of churches in Bristol that have special services for student, especially international student, such as Christ Church, Clifton; Woodland Church ( by Bristol International Student Centre); Elma Church ( Baptise Church), Tyndale Baptise Church and Bristol Chinese Church (using Tyndale Baptis Church building).  If you have any enquiry, please contact me or Mary Morgan who is the co-ordinator of BISC on  or alternatively, you can visit the BISC's web site at  ttp://
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Last update:  23/11/2004